The Facility


Fast Facts about Florida Intervault, Inc.

  1. Intervault was founded in 1983.

  2. Built to Federal Reserve vault standards and rated 9R (on a scale from 1 to 10).

  3. Accredited by the National Association of Security and Data Vaults.

  4. Modeled after the Bank Hauser facility in Basel, Switzerland. The Bank Hauser team initiated the concept for our facility.

  5. All interior walls are 1” thick steel plates.

  6. The vault has two John Tann vault doors imported from England. Each door weighs 14,000 pounds and is perfectly balanced so that it can be moved with one finger. The doors form a waterproof and airtight seal of the inner vault.

  7. The vault was built to withstand 250 mile per hour winds, stronger than any Category 5 hurricane Florida has ever encountered.